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· 8 min read
Ankit Anand

OpenTelemetry can be used to trace Go applications that use Kafka to find performance issues and bugs. OpenTelemetry is an open-source project under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) that aims to standardize the generation and collection of telemetry data. Telemetry data includes logs, metrics, and traces.

· 12 min read
Ankit Anand
Sai Deepesh

Nodejs tops the list of most widely used frameworks for server-side programming by developers. Powered by Google’s V8 engine, its performance is incredible. As a result, Nodejs has now become a critical part of the technology stack of large-scale enterprises and startups. And as nodejs is based on Javascript, it is also easier to learn and begin with.

· 7 min read
Ricardo Paiva

OpenTelemetry can be used to instrument your Elixir applications to generate telemetry data. The telemetry data can then be visualized using an observability tool to monitor your Elixir application performance. In this tutorial, we will use OpenTelemetry Elixir libraries to instrument an Elixir application and then visualize it using SigNoz.