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13 min read
Vaishnavi Abirami

Microservices logging is the practice of tracking and recording the activities of specific services in a distributed microservices architecture. Logging is an important aspect of any software system, and it is more critical for a microservices architecture as there are many small, independent services interacting with each other.

12 min read
Judy Nduati
Ankit Anand

Elasticsearch is primarily a search engine optimized for fast, complex search queries, especially text searches, and is often used for log and event data analysis. MongoDB, on the other hand, is a general-purpose, document-oriented database that excels in storing and retrieving structured and semi-structured data. It is commonly used for mobile, social, and IoT applications. While Elasticsearch provides superior search capabilities, MongoDB offers more robust data processing and storage features.

11 min read
Muskan Paliwal
Ankit Anand

Log analysis is a very powerful feature for an application when it comes to debugging and finding out which flow is working properly in the application and which is not. In a world of containerization and cloud computing, it is essential to understand logs generated by a Docker environment to maintain healthy performing applications.

13 min read
Favour Daniel

Docker logs play a critical role in the management and maintenance of containerized applications. They provide valuable information about the performance and behavior of containers, allowing developers and administrators to troubleshoot issues, monitor resource usage, and optimize application performance. By capturing and analyzing log data, organizations can improve the reliability, security, and efficiency of their containerized environments.