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Senior Frontend Engineer (Remote) (India)

At SigNoz, you will be building a world-class deep tech infra product. We are building an open-source observability platform. You will be building a system that can handle 1M events per sec. You will be part of the first few hires in our team and will have the opportunity to own a significant part of the product.

Here's our Github repo

Why us?

  • We are growing fast, reached 14K+ Github stars and 3000+ slack community members
  • Opportunity to work in a global dev infra product from India
  • Work on an open-source product. Engage with the community. Evangelize the product. Build your GitHub profile
  • Work with high volumes of data and real-time applications. There are some real perf challenges in doing this well you would love to solve
  • Equity, growth, and network

As a SigNoz Frontend Engineer, you will:

  • Conduct team and community PR reviews, shaping the future of our product.
  • Introduce best practices and innovative frontend architecture into our discussions.
  • Own the features you build, from the interactions to the bug fixes and feedback from our awesome users.
  • Embrace the startup mindset and thrive in the fast-paced environment where speed is our secret weapon against big companies. Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and make a remarkable impact! 💪

Our ideal candidate should have:

  • Strong proficiency in ReactJS, Redux, and Typescript - they should be your playground!
  • Expertise in custom hooks, context API, useEffect, HOCs, separation of concerns, and testing - you know these like the back of your hand.
  • 3-8 years of frontend engineering experience, demonstrating your rock-solid skills and adaptability.
  • A deep understanding of our product and domain - you'll become an invaluable asset to the team.
  • Bonus points if you've worked in product companies - we love seeing your product-oriented mindset in action! 🚀

But wait, there's more! Here are some incredible perks that come with joining SigNoz:

  • Watch your GitHub profile bloom with vibrant shades of green as you contribute to our open-source projects.
  • Get the chance to present your expertise in various developer meetups & conferences, boosting your visibility and connections.
  • Enjoy the freedom of working fully remote, wherever you feel most productive and inspired.
  • SigNoz is backed by Y-Combinator & prominent silicon valley based VCs 🔥

Next steps

Seems like something right up your alley?

Email your CV and an optional intro note to [yunus at signoz dot io]. Feel free to include links to your GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter, or blog posts.

Our process involves a short initial exploratory chat, followed by three interviews/discussions. The aim is for both sides to learn more about each other. The timeline is ~10 days unless you need more time.