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Deep Storage for data

Though the simplistic setup uses storage_type: local, this does not work in containers. For local storage to work, the historical and the middle manager must have the same volume for storage. This is not the default behaviour in containers.


Local storage does not work in containers. Must setup other deep storage systems like S3

For docker-compose setup (Kafka + Druid)

  1. Uncomment the S3 config section and comment the local storage section in below file signoz/deploy/docker/druid-kafka-setup/environment_tiny/common

  2. Provide the needed details in the file to configure S3 setup.

  3. Re-install SigNoz by running ./ again at signoz/deploy/ folder.


For S3 permission settings for Kafka + Druid setup - check this link

For Helm Chart setup (Kafka + Druid)

To set up S3, confiigure below params in druid.configVars section in deploy/kubernetes/platform/values.yaml:

    druid_storage_type: s3
druid_storage_bucket: signoz-druid
druid_storage_baseKey: <your base key>
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID: <your secret id>
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: <your secret key>
AWS_REGION: <your region>

S3 config for ClickHouse setup

Coming Soon..


We are still testing the S3 config for Clickhouse, please ping us on Slack if you are interested to test it