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Retention Period for data

You can set the retention period of your data with SigNoz. The default is set to 3 days.

Druid co-ordinator is responsible to set the retention rules for the datasource in druid. We make a POST request to http://signoz-druid-router:8888/druid/coordinator/v1/rules/flattened_spans with below json data to configure retention:

"period": "P3D",
"includeFuture": true,
"tieredReplicants": {
"_default_tier": 1
"type": "loadByPeriod"
"type": "dropForever"

_default_tier is the data redundancy or replication factor and period is the retention period.

The json data for the POST request is at deploy/kubernetes/jobs/retention/retention-config.yaml. You can edit the values to set your custom retention period and redundancy.