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NAME: my-release
LAST DEPLOYED: Mon May 23 20:34:55 2022
NAMESPACE: platform
STATUS: deployed
1. You have just deployed SigNoz cluster:

- frontend version: '0.8.0'
- query-service version: '0.8.0'
- alertmanager version: '0.23.0-0.1'
- otel-collector version: '0.43.0-0.1'
- otel-collector-metrics version: '0.43.0-0.1'

*Note that the above command installs the latest stable version of SigNoz.

(Optional) To install a different version, you can use the --set flag to specify the version you wish to install. The following example command installs SigNoz version 0.8.0:

helm --namespace platform install my-release signoz/signoz \
--set frontend.image.tag="0.8.0" \
--set queryService.image.tag="0.8.0"
  • If you use the --set flag, ensure that you specify the same versions for the frontend and queryService images. Specifying different versions could lead the SigNoz cluster to behave abnormally.
  • Do not use the latest or develop tags in a production environment. Specifying these tags could install different versions of SigNoz on your cluster and could lead to data loss.
  1. You can access SigNoz by setting up port forwarding and browsing to the specified port. The following kubectl port-forward example command forwards all connections made to localhost:3301 to <signoz-frontend-service>:3301:
export SERVICE_NAME=$(kubectl get svc --namespace platform -l "" -o jsonpath="{.items[0]}")

kubectl --namespace platform port-forward svc/$SERVICE_NAME 3301:3301