You can configure for SigNoz with different options.

If no configuration for an option is set, then the default value as described is applied.

Environment Variables for Configuration

When using SigNoz, there are various environment variables you can set to configure your SigNoz cluster.

Here is a comprehensive list of all of them. However, for general use, you most likely do not have to worry about most of these.

Query Service

Environment VariableDescriptionDefault Value
STORAGEDatabase for the storage (one of clickhouse or druid(deprecated)clickhouse
GODEBUGGo runtime name resolver (one of netdns=go or netdns=cgo). More info.netdns=go
ALERTMANAGER_API_PREFIXEndpoint of alertmanager with API prefix.http://alertmanager:9093/api/
ClickHouseUrlClickHouse database endpoint with TCP porttcp://localhost:9000
SMTP_ENABLEDEnable SMTP for sending email invitationsfalse
SMTP_FROMSMTP from addressnil
SMTP_HOSTSMTP server hostnil
SMTP_PORTSMTP server portnil
SMTP_USERNAMESMTP username of the accountnil
SMTP_PASSWORDSMTP password of the accountnil

Otel Collector

Otel Collector supports multiple combination of options. Using the configuration file, you can pass receivers, processors, extensions, exporters and service as per your requirements. You can find the complete otel collector configuration in the OpenTelemetry documentation.

By default, SigNoz runs with this default Otel Collector configuration.

For any configuration changes in Docker, you would have to update /deploy/docker/clickhouse-setup/otel-collector-config.yaml and bring up Otel Collector.

Kubernetes Configuration

The latest helm chart configuration settings can be found at: