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Open-source APM

Understand issues in your deployed applications & solve them quickly

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SigNoz - Quick Intro

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Your data in your boundary

Your data in your boundary

No need to worry about GDPR and other data protection laws. All your tracing and monitoring data is now in YOUR infra.

Forget HUGE SaaS bills

Forget HUGE SaaS bills

No abrupt pricing changes. No unexpected month-end bills. Get transparent usage data.

Take Control

Take Control

No need to spend weeks in vendor slack for that one small feature. Extend SigNoz to suit your needs.

Single pane for complete metrics and traces, no need to shift to different systems

No disparate UI like Prometheus & Jaeger

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Why get locked-in with SaaS vendors like DataDog when you can use Open source?

No fear of SaaS service getting hacked and your customer’s data getting compromised. Have complete control on your data.

Your data storage cost is only dependent on your application load, rather than factors like number of nodes, which is an architectural preference.

No compliance needed to use SigNoz. No need to go through multiple rounds with legal/security teams just for trying it out.

Why SigNoz?

Native support for OpenTelemetry, emerging industry standard for instrumentation

Monitor your usage & set your own retention period and sampling rate based on your needs

Scalable & modular architecture to handle enterprise scale. No scaling pains. Ever.

Built on latest stack - Golang & React-Typescript loved by developers

We love what people are saying about SigNoz


Aloysius Coelho

IT Infrastructure Engineer

SigNoz - Serious consideration over Grafana and WatchDog.

pawan bhadauria

Pawan Bhadauria

VP - Engineering, Outplay

We are using Signoz at Outplay & our experience has been great. It has 5.4k stars on Github.


Rachid Zarouali

Docker Captain, Microsoft Azure MVP

A new and yet powerful #observability #opensource alternative has born in the name of SigNoz. It could offer a serious challenger to Datadog / New Relic and other SaaS solutions.

SigNoz Office Hour & Demo videos

Check our youtube channel for more tutorials

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Open source and Free to self-host

Frequently Asked Questions

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