You are losing revenue every time your applications go down. Here’s how to fix it in a few hours

Software infra is getting more complex. Don’t just be reactive to issues but detect issues proactively. Great customer experience implies better customer satisfaction & retention

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Is the clunky, overpriced application monitoring tool you're using today honestly worth it?

We built SigNoz because we were sick and tired of paying too much for monitoring tools. We wanted to get back to a lightweight tool that does just what you need, and then price in a way that won't make you cringe every month when you look at your bill.
Build your own? Never worth it!
Costs thousands upon thousands to build and maintain
Wastes your developers' time on something they shouldn't be building
Other monitoring tools are just too expensive and bloated today
Let's face it, who likes being charged per node?
You shouldn't have to optimise number of nodes based on your monitoring tool
No credit card required

SigNoz is the most advanced monitoring tool for smaller teams

No surprises. Predicted cost

Predicted cost estimator. Cost based on amount of data sent to us

Based on latest standards in Observability like OpenTelemetry

SigNoz agent is a fork of Otel collector. This allows you to switch to a new vendor easily if you may want to leveraging the fan-out architecture of Otel collector.

No vendor lock-in

Much finer control on how you
can set alerts

PromQL like alert setting which enables you set custom alerts based on universal query language set by prometheus

Built for devs by devs

  • We understand devs don’t want to get in call. We also love async communication
  • No need to talk to reps for every small change
  • Don’t get stuck in vendor slacks with no response
  • 24 hr chat support

  • We ❤️ dark mode :) 

Easy to get started

  • If you have Prometheus/Jaeger instrumented - started consuming them easily and visualise the traces & metrics in our dashboards
  • Test in staging environment
  • Specific workflows for canary deployments
  • Specific workflows for cron jobs, configs / configuration validation
  • We catch 99% of your configuration problem - readiness/health check probes


Free community plan with upto 50 mn spans per month

Salient Features

- Free upto 50 mn spans per month. 3 day retention for traces in community plan
- Pricing based on retention period in pro plan. Choose as per your need.
- We think spans are the best way to price as this depends directly on your business volume
( What are spans?)


$ 0 /mon

for upto 50 mn spans

- Component wise application metrics

- Distributed Tracing

- Service Maps

- 1 full access user + 2 viewers

- 3 day retention

- 100 Alerts

- Community support


$ 0.25 /mn spans

All features in Basic plus

- Upstream & downstream service dependencies

- Workflows for Canary deployments

- Configuration monitoring

- Business hrs chat support

- Upto 50 full access users



customised for you
All features in Pro plus

- Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

- What's Changed*

- ML based anomaly detection

- Unlimited full access users

- 24 hrs chat support

Ideally suited for scaled teams

Trusted by teams who value speed & agility

SigNoz helped us setup monitoring on our Kubernetes stack very quickly. This helped us provide great experience to our customers during BFCM sale
Abhishek Kumar
Lead Engineer, PushOwl
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