Tired of unpredictable pricing and complex billing structure? Save up to 80% on your Datadog bill
with SigNoz. No user-based and host-based pricing.


For teams that need high-performing applications.

Starts at



Logs IconLogs
$0.3 per GB ingested  
Logs IconTraces
$0.3 per GB ingested  
Logs IconMetrics
$0.1 per mn samples 

Add as many teammates as you want.
No host-based pricing
What comes included in the $199?


Community Slack
Dedicated Slack ChannelOn spends above $999


  • APM & Distributed Tracing
  • Log Management
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Exceptions Monitoring
  • Alerts Management
  • SSO and SAML Support
  • Support for Multiple Ingestion Keys
  • Support for Rate Limits based on Ingestion keys
  • Service Dependency Visualization
  • Run aggregates on ingested spans
  • Live Tail Logging
  • Unlimited Logs & Traces based Dashboards
  • Dashboard locking
  • Visualize very large traces>10k spans
  • Data centers available in the US, EU & India
  • SOC2 Type 1 Compliant

Enterprise Cloud

For larger orgs with advanced security, compliance and support.

Flexible Pricing for scale and long term commitments


Custom Pricing
Custom Retention


  • Email
  • Dedicated Slack Channel
  • Team Training
  • Dashboard Configuration Support
  • Instrumentation Support
  • SLA w/ downtime developer pairing


  • Includes all features in Teams plan
  • Custom integration for metrics and logs
  • AWS Private Link
  • VPC Peering
  • Query API Keys (access data from anywhere)

Coming soon

  • Finer RBAC with custom roles
  • Audit Logs
  • Custom retention for different sources of logs
  • Multi-tenancy
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Community Edition

$0 ⎯ host in your infra


Cloud ⎯ starts at $199/mo


Cloud / Self-Hosted

APM & Distributed Tracing

Out of Box APM metrics

Filtering and creating dashboards based on traces data

Creating alerts based on traces data

Unlimited dashboards & alerts based on traces

Advanced visualization for very large traces (>10K spans)

Log Management

Parsing logs via pipeline

Create direct filters from JSON logs

Saved Views for logs

Live tail Logging

Unlimited dashboards & alerts based on logs

Infrastructure Monitoring

Out of the box dashboards for hostmetrics

Kubernetes Monitoring

Container Monitoring

Unlimited dashboards & alerts based on metrics

Exceptions Monitoring

Separate view of exceptions based on Trace data

Alerts Management

Create alerts directly from dashboards

Support for Slack, Pagerduty, OpsGenie & webhooks as alert channel

Alert as Code

MS Teams as alert channel

Data Pipelines

Support for Cold Storage for long term data archival

Service Dependency Visualization

Overview of your application graph with health indication


SSO/SAML support

Support for Multiple Ingestion Keys

Support for Rate Limits based on Ingestion keys

Dashboard Locking & Access control

Access Data in SigNoz from Anywhere (via API keys)

Security tightening for on-premise installation


Monitor Health of SigNoz


Custom retention for different sources of logs


Finer RBAC with custom roles


AWS Private link


Audit Logs




Community Support on Slack

Email Support

In product chat support

Dedicated Slack Channel

Team Training

Dashboard Configuration Support

Instrumentation Support

SLA w/ downtime developer pairing

Estimate your monthly billYou can also set data ingestion limits so you never get a surprise bill. Learn more
Pricing per unit
Scale of ingestion (per month)
Estimated usage
Logs IconTraces
1 GB
Logs IconLogs
1 GB
Logs IconMetrics
$0.1/ mn samples
1 mn
Monthly estimate for usage-based plan
Reach out to us for custom pricing and retention for high volume


Built for scale

Our powerful ingestion engine has a proven track record of handling 10TB+ data ingestion per day.

Trusted across the globe

Used by teams in all 5 continents ⎯ across the mountains, rivers, and the high seas.

Powering observability for teams of all sizes

Hundreds of companies ⎯from early-stage start-ups to public enterprises use SigNoz to build more reliable products.

Enterprise-grade Observability

Get access to observability at any scale with advanced security and compliance.

  • SSO and SAML support
  • Query API Keys
  • Advanced Security
  • AWS Private Link
  • VPC Peering

SigNoz provides up to 9X ROI than DataDog

You can also set data ingestion limits so you never get a surprise bill. Learn more

Worried about Data Protection Laws?

No need to send data outside your region. We have data centers in US, EU and India to comply with data privacy regulations. You can also host SigNoz in your own cloud.

Get started with Community Edition

You always have the open source version of SigNoz to get started with your observability journey.


What is the difference between SigNoz Cloud(Teams) and Community Edition?
You can self-host and manage the community edition yourself. You should choose SigNoz Cloud if you don’t want to worry about managing the SigNoz cluster. There are some exclusive features like SSO & SAML support, which come with SigNoz cloud offering. Our team also offers support on the initial configuration of dashboards & alerts and advises on best practices for setting up your observability stack in the SigNoz cloud offering.
How are number of samples calculated for metrics pricing?
If a timeseries sends data every 30s, then it will generate 2 samples per min. So, if you have 10,000 time series sending data every 30s then you will be sending 20,000 samples per min to SigNoz. This will be around 864 mn samples per month and would cost 86.4 USD/month. Here's an explainer video on how metrics pricing is calculated - Link
Do you offer enterprise support plans?
Yes, feel free to reach out to us on if you need a dedicated support plan or paid support for setting up your initial SigNoz setup
Who should use Enterprise plans?
Teams which need enterprise support or features like SSO, Audit logs, etc. may find our enterprise plans valuable
Outplay logoWe optimized all our top endpoints and fine-tuned database calls to improve our backend API response times by 35% using SigNoz.
Both our dev and QA teams use SigNoz actively in dev and production environments to optimize application performance.

Vijaya Perumal

Tech Lead