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A Plan for team of Every size

Our aim is to make SigNoz accessible to everyone. Read our philosophy on pricing here



  • Open Source
  • Self Hosted
  • Key metrics like Latency, Error rates
  • Debug performance issues with Traces
  • Dashboard for Infrastructure and custom metrics
  • Alerts
  • Exceptions Monitoring
  • Community Support
  • SigNoz Cloud

    Starts from USD 200/month

  • Hosted and Managed by SigNoz
  • SSO and SAML support
  • Easily shift to self hosted if needed

  • Pricing
    Logs & Traces : $0.4 per GB ingested
    Metrics : $0.1 per mn samples

    Retention: 15 days for Traces & Logs, 30 days for Metrics
    No user based pricing
    Custom Retention periods available


  • Self Host or Managed by SigNoz in Your Cloud
  • Single Sign On
  • SAML and LDAP support
  • AWS PrivateLink
  • Dashboard configuration support
  • Support Plan with SLAs

  • Upcoming features
  • Finer RBAC with custom roles
  • Audit Logs
  • Used by teams at

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How are number of samples calculated for metrics pricing?
    Do you offer enterprise support plans?
    Who should use Enterprise plans?