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  • Upto 100 mn events
  • 3 day retention
  • Community Support


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  • Upto 300 mn events
  • 3 day retention
  • Email Support


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Billed monthly

For >300mn spans or >3 day retention
  • 3 day retention : $0.1/mn events
  • 7 day : $0.25/mn events
  • 14 day : $0.45/mn events
  • 30 day : $0.8/mn events
  • Email Support

Frequently Asked Questions

When should one chose cloud version and when open source version?

Cloud version is suited if you want to get up and running quickly and have smaller volume. For bigger enterprises and higher workloads, we recommend to self-host open-source version. Self-hosted version will be installed in your infrastructure.