Upgrade to v0.49 from earlier versions

In SigNoz version >= v0.36, support for . in log attribute names was added. Before that, any . in log attribute names would get replaced by an _
For example, the attribute k8s.pod.name would appear as k8s_pod_name in SigNoz

SigNoz versions < v0.49 have a measure in place to ensure log pipelines that were created with filters based on attributes whose .s had been replaced with _s worked fine with raw logs that had such attributes with .s in them instead of _s.
So a pipeline with the filter k8s_pod_name = test-pod would work even though actual raw logs being sent to SigNoz only had the attribute k8s.pod.name = test-pod

In SigNoz version >=v0.49 i.e. SigNoz chart version >=0.45.0, this measure is being removed.
After this upgrade, any such pipelines that use filters based on attributes whose .s had been replaced with _s will only work if the filters are updated to use . based names.
So after this upgrade, any pipeline that had the filter k8s_pod_name = test-pod will only work if the filter is updated to k8s.pod.name = test-pod

Steps to Update Pipeline Filters If Needed

  1. Navigate to the logs section in SigNoz by clicking on "Logs" in the sidebar
  2. Navigate to log pipelines page by clicking on the "Pipelines" tab in the top bar.
  3. Examine the filter expression of all of your pipelines.
  4. If you have pipelines with filters that use attribute names containing _
    1. Enter edit mode by clicking the "Enter Edit Mode" button at the top right above the pipelines list.
    2. For each pipeline that has a filter that uses attribute names containing _
      1. Open the edit pipeline dialog by clicking the edit action (pen icon in actions column)
      2. If the "Filtered Logs Preview" section at the bottom of the dialog doesn't show any matched logs
        1. For each clause that uses an attribute with _ in its name, try updating it to its . based name using the autocomplete, until the "Filtered Logs Preview" is no longer empty
          1. For example, replace k8s_pod_name = test-pod by k8s.pod.name = test-pod
        2. Click the "Update" button in the Edit Pipeline dialog to close it.
      3. If the pipeline filter did not need editing, close the dialog by clicking "Cancel" button at the bottom of the dialog.
    3. If you updated the filter for any of the pipelines, click the "Save Configuration" at the bottom right of the page

Upgrade to v0.49

Now, you can proceed with the upgrade to >=v0.49 by following the appropriate platform specific instructions