Invite Team Member


SigNoz users can invite unlimited team members with different access levels like Admin, Editor and Viewer.

Follow the below steps to invite a Team Member to SigNoz:

Step 1: Access the Team Management Area

  • Click on the Invite Team Member button at the bottom of the left-hand menu. This will open up the Organization settings tab.
Invite Team Member Tab in SigNoz
Invite Team Member Tab in SigNoz

Step 2: Invite Team Members

  • Click the + Invite Members button located at the top right corner of the section. This will open a popup window.
Invite Team member to SigNoz
Invite Team member to SigNoz

Step 3: Enter Team Member Details

  • In the popup window, enter the email address of the person you wish to invite.
  • Optionally, you can add a name for the team member.
  • Select the appropriate role for the member from the dropdown: ADMIN, EDITOR, or VIEWER.
  • To invite multiple team members at once, click the + Add another team member button and repeat the process for each additional team member.
Enter Team Member Details
Enter Team Member Details and invite multiple members at once

Roles and Access Levels

  • ADMIN: Has full access to Invite new users, editing settings and viewing data.
  • EDITOR: Can view and edit data. For example, edit dashboard panels.
  • VIEWER: Has read-only access to view data.

Step 4: Send the Invites

  • Once all details are correctly entered for each team member, click the Invite Members button at the bottom of the popup.
  • This will generate individual invite links and send invitation emails to each member’s email address.
Send the invites
Send Invites

For SigNoz Self-Host users, you need to copy and send the invite link. The user won't receive an email invite.

Step 5: Manage Invites

  • After sending invites, you can view and manage all pending invites in the Pending Invites section.
  • You can revoke invites or copy the invite link using the options available beside each pending invite.
Manage Invites
Revoke invite or copy invite link options