Query Builder


The SigNoz Query Builder is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of filtering, aggregating, and visualizing data across the three signals, i.e. , Logs, Traces and Metrics.

Query Builder in SigNoz Logs Explorer
Query Builder in SigNoz Logs Explorer

Key Features

  • Filtering: Apply various filters to refine data based on specific attributes.
  • Aggregation and Grouping: Perform calculations like count, sum, average, and more while grouping data by selected attributes.
  • Result Manipulation: Order, limit, and format result outputs according to your requirements.
  • Multiple Queries and Functions: Run several queries simultaneously and apply mathematical functions on queries.
  • Spatial and Temporal Aggregations: Analyze metrics data over time or across various dimensions for deeper insights.

For detailed instructions on using each feature of the Query Builder, please refer to this documentation.