General SigNoz Cloud Troubleshooting

These are instructions for general troubleshooting for SigNoz Cloud.

Q. How to setup SigNoz across different environments?

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You can ingest data from across your environments just by adding deployment.environment resource attribute

On SDK level you can add it though environment variable OTEL_RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTES=deployment.environment=prod

On collector level you can add it through a resource processor.

    - key: deployment.environment
      value: prod
      action: upsert
      processors: [resource/env, batch]

Q. I can't find my Ingestion Key and Region. Where is it ?

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To find the details about the Ingestion Key and Region, you can follow this flow in the SigNoz interface

Settings --> Ingestion Settings

The ingestion settings have all the Details about your Ingestion URL, Key and Region which you can directly copy and use in your config files.

Q. How Do I cancel my subscription ?

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Reach out to us on Intercom - the chatbox at the bottom right corner of your SigNoz Cloud interface.

Q. I see a message that my account might be Rate limited ?

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For SigNoz Cloud Trial Accounts you might get a message saying "You are sending data at more than 100 RPS, your ingestion may be rate limited. Please reach out to us via Intercom support." To remove this rate limit, you need to upgrade your plan under the Billing Section of your SigNoz Cloud Interface and add your credit card.

Q. I need a Vendor Address for the payment to be approved.

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You can use this Address - SigNoz Inc - 2261 Market Street #4496, San Francisco, CA, 94114

Q. What is a DataSource ?

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DataSource is the service, db or any instance which generates telemetry data (Traces, Logs and Metrics).