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Authentication and Login

Authentication is available in SigNoz from v0.8.0 If you are on an earlier version, please upgrade to see this.


SigNoz currently supports 3 roles:

  • Admin
  • Editor
  • Viewer

The person who installs SigNoz and registers for the first time is by default assigned the role of an admin.

  • If you are logging in SigNoz for the first time, just create an account. This will make you an admin.
  • If you would like to invite more members, they would need an invite link from admin. You can create invite link from Settings-> Org Settings tab

Admins can add new users by creating invites for them and sending them invite link to create an account.



As of version 0.8.0, news users can only be invited by Admins to a SigNoz instance. New users will get an invite link from admin which they can use to signup to SigNoz.

When new user is invited by an admin, he can be assigned a role of Admin, Editor or Viewer

Editing Member Details

You can edit permission levels of members by going to Settings-> Org Settings tab and then Members table. You can also generate password reset link if they have forgotten their password and it needs to be reset.


Permission Matrix

View application listYYY
Search/Filter application listYYY
View metrics detail pageYYY
View DashboardsYYY
Create new DashboardsYYN
Import DashboardYYN
Export DashboardYYY
View Tracefilter page & do filteringYYY
View Trace Detail pageYYY
View AlertsYYY
Search/Filter AlertsYYY
Add new alertsYYN
View Settings pageYNN
View Service MapYYY
Invite New MembersYNN
Revoke Invite of membersYNN
Create New Alert ChannelsYNN
Set Retention periodYNN
Set own password and nameYYY
Change Org NameYNN
Edit/Delete member detailsYNN
View version information page(from left panel)YYY
Change theme (dark/light)YYY