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Retention Period

To set retention period for metrics and traces, you can navigate to the General tab on the Settings page.

Set Retention period of metrics and traces

  • You can select independent retention period for traces and metrics.
  • You can also set the duration after which the data will be moved to cold storage (S3) for both traces and metrics. This can be only set if Cold Storage (eg. S3) is enabled from the backend.
  • Click Save to update the new retention periods..

Configuring Cold Storage - Amazon S3


In case of docker, uncomment storage_configuration from clickhouse-config.xml. Also configure the endpoint, access key and secret.



In case of helm charts, update the clickhouse.coldStorage in values.yaml.

enabled: true
# Set free space size on default disk
defaultKeepFreeSpaceBytes: "10485760" # 10MiB
endpoint: https://<bucket-name>
accessKey: <access_key_id>
secretAccess: <secret_access_key>