“Do not complain beneath the stars about the lack of bright spots in your life.” Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson

Starting this one off on a different chord!

Startups are challenging yet fulfilling. There is always a long road ahead - full of challenges and uncertainties. Yet, sometimes we hit a milestone and feel nostalgic about the journey completed. 10,000+ GitHub stargazers seemed like a distant dream, but finally, it’s here. Moments like these are special to the team. We are grateful to the developer community for their continued support since our inception.

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Last month, we also shipped our first Enterprise edition - another big milestone. Our team also worked on performance benchmarks for logs.

Let us see what humans of SigNoz were up to in the month of October 2022!

What we shipped?

We have been working on our enterprise edition, and last month we shipped our first edition.

Latest Release v0.11.2

Our first Enterprise Edition

Our first enterprise edition comes with SSO and SAML for our users. SSO and SAML support are essential for our users to enable smooth team collaboration while maintaining a secure authentication process, and many of our community members have requested these features.

Using SAML, teams can access multiple web applications using one set of login credentials.

Configure SAML in SigNoz
You can now configure SAML in SigNoz enterprise edition

Performance Benchmarks

We released Logs support in v0.11.0. We have spent some more time improving the performance and doing performance benchmarks. We are seeing some good performance numbers in terms of resource utilization. We have also made some comparisons with other open source tools like Elastic and Loki. We will be releasing a blog soon with these findings.

We are conducting office hours to discuss logs performance benchmarks and to take in feedback from the community.

Date & Time: Wednesday, 09 Nov 17:00 - 17:45 GMT+5:30

Register for the office hours here.

What’s upcoming?

Our team is working on enhancing SigNoz capabilities as a one-stop observability solution. We now support metrics, traces, and logs under a single pane of glass. Developers use SigNoz to debug issues in their applications quickly. We are working to enable our users to access contextual information faster. Some of the things that we are gathering requirements for:

  • Linking logs from traces and vice-versa
  • Creating metrics from logs

If you'd like to share any ideas on enabling better correlation between signals, you can initiate a GitHub discussion.

We are also gathering requirements on making things easier for our new users with default dashboards and templates. Some examples:

  • Default host metrics, Kubernetes, and OTel collector dashboards
  • Default APM alerts

We are collaborating with our community members to understand their use cases better. If you’d like to share your use cases, you can either initiate a GitHub discussion or join our slack community.

Configuring application health check endpoint

Applications have health check API endpoints that return the health of the applications. A community member has requested a way to configure this easily with SigNoz. The user wants to monitor the health check API endpoint with SigNoz, and send notifications to Slack whenever the endpoint is down.

If you have any ideas on how to enable this with SigNoz, feel free to comment on the GitHub issue.

SigNoz News

Crossed 10,000+ GitHub stars

Only 2,300 GitHub repos have more than 10k stars worldwide, and we are so happy to be a part of that cohort. We are very grateful to the developer community for their continued support, and it gives strength to our resolve to democratize observability for engineering teams of all sizes.

SigNoz crossed 10k stars on GitHub
Our GitHub repo crossed 10,000 stars in the month of October, 2022.

We attended Kubecon Detroit!

Pranay attended Kubecon Detroit, and met many interesting folks from the community. He also met in person with folks in the CNCF tag observability group. 🤗

SigNoz at Kubecon Detroit

Bessemer Venture Partners featured us as one of the top open source projects from India. Check out this interesting read on Developer Platforms in India.

Featured as on of the top open source projects from India
SigNoz is one of the top open-source projects from India.

SigNoz at DevOps Days India

We will be presenting a talk at DevOps Days India - one of the best DevOps events in India.

Date: 18th November, 2022

Venue: Radisson Blu, Bengaluru

We’re looking forward to connecting with folks attending the event! 👋 Check out the details for the events here.

SigNoz will be at the upcoming DevOps Days India

Upcoming office hours on logs performance benchmarks

We are conducting office hours to share initial results on logs performance in SigNoz. We hope to get feedback from the community and identify ways to improve it further.

Date & Time: Wednesday, 09 Nov 17:00 - 17:45 GMT+5:30

You can register for office hours using the link below:


From the Blog

We launched support for logs in v0.11.0. We use OpenTelemetry for collecting and processing logs. Logs have the biggest legacy among the three telemetry signals(metrics, traces, and logs). Unlike traces and metrics, OpenTelemetry logs take a different approach. OpenTelemetry aims to support the existing legacy of logs and logging libraries. And this is the main design philosophy of OpenTelemetry logs.

But it is not limited to this. With time, OpenTelemetry aims to integrate logs better with other signals. Read our guide on OpenTelemetry logs with instructions on how to collect log data.

OpenTelemetry Logs - A Complete Introduction & Implementation

Thank you for taking out the time to read this issue :) If you have any feedback or want any changes to the format, please create an issue.

Feel free to join our slack community and say hi! 👋

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