We collect telemetry data during the installation process to identify errors.

In addition we ask you to send us regular usage telemetry during the setup process to understand which part of the product is being used. This would help us provide better user experience and improve on the product. Read on to understand more.

Docker Installation

During the installation process, we collect stats of which installations were successful, which were unsuccessful and need our help. This is used to analyze the

  • Installation Started
  • Installation Success
  • Installation Errors
  • Installation Support

Sample Event

  "anonymousId": "57348733c8f3310a27ca6e07149d3a64d17e66ac",
  "event": "Installation Success",
  "integrations": {},
  "messageId": "api-25CYlWEssuKD6V2H9f393QQ515h",
  "properties": {
    "os": "Mac",
    "setup_type": "clickhouse"
  "receivedAt": "2022-02-16T17:31:26.365Z",
  "timestamp": "2022-02-16T17:31:26.365Z",
  "type": "track"

SigNoz Server

The SigNoz backend server sends a keep-alive ping every 6 hours to indicate that it is still running without any errors. We also send some metrics around usage like number of spans and timeseries to understand the scale at which signoz is being deployed and hence helps us to proactively run benchmarks on similar scale and fix any performance issues that users might be facing.

Sample event

  "event": "Heart Beat",
  "integrations": {},
  "messageId": "61b423f7-3faa-4ed8-9be0-2b1f58b5bfde",
  "originalTimestamp": "2022-02-16T17:26:21.680714337Z",
  "properties": {
      "deploymentType": "kubernetes-helm",
      "getSamplesInfoInLastHeartBeatInterval": 94297,
      "maxTS": 2527,
      "spansInLastHeartBeatInterval": 774662,
      "totalSpans": 9328025,
      "totalTS": 3702,
      "version": "v0.9.2"
  "receivedAt": "2022-02-16T17:26:26.665Z",
  "sentAt": "2022-02-16T17:26:25.490Z",
  "timestamp": "2022-02-16T17:26:22.855Z",
  "type": "track",
  "userId": "",

SigNoz UI

You can anonymise the following data during the set up process.

SigNoz UI captures behavioural data around navigation, clicks and total number of services. No data about your services or payload is captured.

Sample Event

  "event": "API Call",
  "integrations": {},
  "messageId": "d7c5d487-798f-4116-bdfc-804bffbd679c",
  "originalTimestamp": "2022-02-11T18:11:07.195662884Z",
  "properties": {
    "path": "/api/v1/rules",
    "version": "v0.6.1"
  "receivedAt": "2022-02-11T18:11:10.044Z",
  "sentAt": "2022-02-11T18:11:09.971Z",
  "timestamp": "2022-02-11T18:11:07.267Z",
  "type": "track",
  "userId": ""

Disable Telemetry

Set below env variable in query-service in docker-compose.yaml or helm chart and restart query-service