This section shows how you can use SigNoz to understand the performance of your applications and identify any potential problems before your users. You will learn how to retrieve all the needed information, from a high-level overview down to the details required to debug and improve a specific section of your application, such as an SQL query.

In this section:

  • Send Metrics to SigNoz. Learn how to enable additional metrics in SigNoz.
  • Logs Management Send your application and infrastructure logs to SigNoz. Filter and Visualise them in intuitive dashboards.
  • Metrics. Understand how to see an overview of your applications.
  • Traces. Learn how to retrieve detailed telemetry data.
  • Dashboards and Panels. Learn how to use custom dashboards and panels to get insight into how well your application is performing.
  • Alerts Set alerts on metrics and integrate with channels like PagerDuty, Slack, WebHooks, etc.
  • Navigate the User Interface. Learn how to use the elements that comprise the user interface.

We're continuously adding new features to SigNoz. See the Roadmap page for details.

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