Stream Logs from Vercel to SigNoz

If you are running your applications on Vercel, you can stream logs from Vercel to SigNoz using log drains.

Log Drains are only supported in Vercel Pro and Enterprise accounts.

Stream Vercel logs to SigNoz in SigNoz cloud

  • From the Vercel dashboard, go to Team Settings > Log Drains.

  • Select sources to collect logs
    Vercel sources
  • Choose delivery format as JSON

  • Choose your target projects

  • Enter the endpoint. It will be


    Depending on the choice of your region for SigNoz cloud, the otlp endpoint will vary according to this table.

  • Enable custom headers and add the headers signoz-access-token and x-vercel-verify The value of x-vercel-verify will be visible on the screen and signoz-access-token will be the token you use for sending data to SigNoz
    Vercel Custom Headers
  • Click on Test Log Drain , if successful you will see sample logs on SigNoz UI (Might take some time).
    Sample Logs
  • Click on Verify button and then Add Log Drain in Vercel.

Now your logs will be sent to SigNoz.