SigNoz Technical Writer Program - Write for us

Are you a developer who loves creating content and getting it across to a global audience? We're looking for developer-authors and experienced technical writers who can contribute to our community writer program.

Write tech tutorials, blogs for SigNoz with its technical writer program, build your digital presence and get paid to do it

SigNoz is an open-source observability tool that provides metrics, traces, and logs under a single pane of glass. We're an open-source alternative to tools like Datadog, New Relic, etc.

SigNoz dashboard showing a distributed trace

As a developer-focused tool, we are loved in the developer community. With about 15k GitHub stars, SigNoz is one of the top open-source developer tools in the observability domain.

SigNoz helps developers build more reliable and performant applications. As a part of that mission, we are also working on creating technical content that helps developers build better applications. Our blog is read by 100,000+ developers each month, and we're looking to expand our library of helpful content.

Apply for SigNoz Technical Writing Program

Why write technical content for us?

We compensate well:

We know technical content takes time to create, so we compensate well.

Build an authoritative online presence:

The topics that we deal with are either emerging technologies or concepts that need good technical understanding. Having published content around these topics will always act as a booster to your digital presence. We publish all our articles with a clear picture of the authors and a link to their social profile.

Distribution of your content:

Our blog gets thousands of visitors per month. Have you ever written a piece of content only to find that no one read it? We care and are actually incentivized to take your created content to as many people as possible. Apart from our blog, your content will be shared across all our social handles and our Slack community.

Improve your writing skills:

Writing is a critical skill as you grow in your career, and our team will help you write better with feedback and tips. Only practice can make you a better writer.

Who we're looking for

    1. Authors who have experience using a backend language like Python, Nodejs, Java, Golang, etc., at a professional level.
    1. Authors who have a good understanding of backend technologies, DevOps, or observability practices.
    1. Authors who can create in-depth guides or how-to tutorials with clear code samples.
    1. Authors who have written on OpenTelemetry.
    1. Authors who can come up with their proposals on topics they have experience with and they follow closely.

Apply for SigNoz Technical Writing Program

Topics and content we're looking for

You can visit our blog section or topic wishlistto get an idea of what type of content we're looking for.

Some ideas on the kind of content that we like:

In-depth guide and how-to tutorials:

For example, you can create a guide on how to send custom metrics with OpenTelemetry in a specific language.

Using SigNoz to monitor a technology/application:

As SigNoz supports logs, metrics, and traces, the list here can be endless. For example, you can create a guide on sending Nginx logs to SigNoz and create charts and alerts based on those logs.

Guides on best practices of monitoring a technology:

For example, a guide on Redis metrics monitoring.

Tutorials on using OpenTelemetry in production environments:

OpenTelemetry is an open-source standard for generating logs, metrics, and traces. You can create in-depth guides of different aspects on OpenTelemetry use cases in production. You can even share your experience of using OpenTelemetry.

We're open to your creative ideas. You can come up with your proposal on what topics you want to write on.

You can also checkout our guidelines on technical writing.

What we're not looking for

You might not be a good fit for us if:

    1. You don't have any samples to share on backend-related content
    1. You have not written any technical blogs earlier

We're also not looking for:

    1. Beginner-level articles like Introduction to a particular technology
    1. Generic articles with no code samples and specific instructions
    1. Rehashed content from somewhere else

How to apply

  1. Check out our blog section and [](topic wishlist) to get an idea on what we're looking for.

  2. You can propose an article or choose one from our topic wishlist.

  3. Fill out our application form. The form has fields for providing samples of your work and a proposal for what you want to write for SigNoz.

How we Evaluate

  1. We will review new applications on a weekly basis. If your profile and sample articles are a fit for our technical writer program, we will reach out to you via email.

  2. We're looking for high-quality technical articles in your samples. The sample articles should demonstrate a strong command of English and good technical explanations. Topics should be around our areas of interest, as mentioned in the above section.

  3. Suppose the sample article is about a concept. In that case, it should have good architecture diagrams, a clear explanation of the concept, and a demonstration of how the concept can be applied if applicable.

Our Editorial process

  1. We use Notion for writing articles. Once you're accepted into our writer's program, we will give you access to a notion workspace.

  2. You can create the first draft there. Our team will be in touch with you throughout the writing process. You can get clarification on any question you have.

  3. If the first draft deviates significantly from our expectations, we may choose not to publish it on our blog.

  4. We use the commenting feature in Notion to provide feedback and to collaborate. You can tag our team members if you need their input anywhere.

  5. Once the first draft is completed, we will review it and get back with feedback in 4-5 working days.

  6. Once you address the comments in the feedback, we can process the article for publishing.

  7. Once the article is published, we process your payment. It takes around 3-7 working days to process the payment once the receipt for the article is raised.

General FAQs

We pay based on the expertise required for the article. Clarify the exact amount with us before starting to work on the article. We pay via PayPal for international transfers, and via bank accounts for Indian transfers.

When do I get paid?

Payment is processed after the article is published. You will need to submit a receipt. You can use this free tool to generate a receipt. We will share a sample receipt when we collaborate. It can take 3-7 working days to reflect in your account.

How long should the article be?

We expect the articles to be somewhere between 1000-1500 words. But depending on the requirements of the article, it can be shorter or longer.

How long should each article take?

Technical articles can take time. There are no hard deadlines but it's good to have the first draft to be sent for review in around 7-10 days. Our team will be in touch with you during the writing process. If you stop responding, then we may assign the article to someone else.

Where will I write the article? How is the review process?

We will give you access to a Notion page for writing the article. We will get back with comments within 4-5 business days on the article and will try to keep the back and forth to the minimum.

Apply for SigNoz Technical Writing Program