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· 13 min read
Jaikanth J

Effective EKS monitoring is crucial for maintaining the health and performance of containerized applications deployed in the cluster. In this tutorial, we will set up EKS monitoring with OpenTelemetry. We will build monitoring dashboards for node and pod-level metrics with data collected by OpenTelemetry. We will use SigNoz, an open-source OpenTelemetry-native APM, as a storage and visualization layer for setting up dashboards.

· 11 min read
Abhishek Kothari

Nginx metrics and logs monitoring are important to ensure that Nginx is performing as expected and to identify and resolve problems quickly. In this tutorial, you will install OpenTelemetry Collector to collect Nginx metrics and logs and then send the collected data to SigNoz for monitoring and visualization.

· 8 min read
Ankit Anand

"The best way to get what you want in life is to deserve what you want. How could it be otherwise? The world is not crazy enough to look for a lot of undeserving people to reward.”
-Charlie Munger

Welcome to the 31st edition of our monthly product newsletter - SigNal 31! We shipped a lot of improvements in our dashboard user experience and crossed 7 million Docker downloads.

· 14 min read
Leigh Finch

Spring Boot Monitoring aims to provide real-time insights into various aspects of a Spring Boot application. Spring Boot provides useful libraries like the Spring Boot Actuator and Micrometer to aid in monitoring. But in order to set up effective monitoring, you need to use a tool where you can send the monitoring data for storage and visualization.

· 14 min read
Deepam Kapur

Let's dive deep into the realm of Memcached, where we'll uncover the power of monitoring with OpenTelemetry and SigNoz. This isn't just about caching data; it's about watching over Memcached like a vigilant guardian, ensuring it performs at its best, and optimizing your application's speed.

· 13 min read
Abhishek Kothari

For high throughput systems that focus on gathering continuous data or have a heavy read-only traffic, NoSQL databases came as a blessing. NoSQL databases, due to their unstructured nature of data, allow relatively faster inserts as well as reads compared to relational databases. One such database that’s quite popular today is MongoDB. In this article, our focus would be to understand how to extract metrics out of MongoDB and ship them to Signoz using the Open Telemetry collector.

· 13 min read
Favour Daniel

OpenTelemetry provides a component called OpenTelemetry Collector, which can be used to collect data from multiple sources. Prometheus is a popular metrics monitoring tool that has a wide adoption. If you’re using Prometheus SDKs to generate metrics, you can collect them via OpenTelemetry collector and send them to a backend of your choice.

· 12 min read
Abhishek Policepatil

In the realm of modern software development, achieving true observability is paramount for understanding application behavior and performance. This demonstration focuses on a .NET application that harnesses the capabilities of OpenTelemetry to seamlessly integrate logging and tracing functionalities. OpenTelemetry, a key player in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, provides a unified framework for comprehensive observability.

· 15 min read
Abhishek Kothari

Database monitoring is an important aspect to look at for a high-volume or high-traffic system. The database performance drastically impacts the response times for the application. In this tutorial, you will install OpenTelemetry Collector to collect MySQL metrics and then send the collected data to SigNoz for monitoring and visualization.