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Welcome to the 25th edition of our monthly product newsletter - SigNal 25! Our team shipped important upgrades to SigNoz, like new trace and logs query builder. We also attended many events and had a small get-together after months.

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Let’s dive in to see what humans at SigNoz were up to in the month of May 2023.

What we shipped?

We have added traces and logs in our query builder. You can find the query builder under the dashboards tab. We also shipped other features based on user feedback.

Latest release - v0.20.2

Earlier Releases - v0.20.0, v0.19.0

Trace Query Builder

Related PR - #2571

Query builder is now available for traces in SigNoz. Earlier, you could only query trace data with the help of ClickHouse queries, which were a bit complex to use. With query builder, it’s easier to plot charts with a set of dropdowns.

Here’s a quick demo of using the query builder on traces.

🍿 Demo - Plot error rate of any service using the Trace Query Builder:

Log Query Builder

Related PR - #2518

Similarly, query builder is now available for logs data too. You can apply filters like serviceName to view logs of a particular service. You can also apply aggregates and groupBy filters.

Here’s a quick demo of using the query builder on logs.

🍿 Demo - Find avg. bytes present in each log based on method type using logs query builder

Query Builder for logs and traces in the Alerts Tab

Related PR - #2657

Query Builder is also available in the Alerts tab now. You can use the query builder to create alerts on traces and logs data. Here’s a short video showing how you can access it.

Correlation from logs to trace and vice-versa

Related PR - #2699

Correlated telemetry signals can help debug applications quickly. While viewing a particular trace, you can now check the related logs and vice-versa.

🍿 Demo - How to use correlation of logs and traces in SigNoz

Error rate added in Key Operations table in Services

Related PR - #2636

We have added Error Rate in the key operations table for services. Error rate is an important metric for key operations in a service, and having it in the table gives our users a quick way to keep a watch on an application’s operations.

Error rate added in key operations table of services
Error rate added in key operations table of services

Ability to clone panels in dashboards

Related PR - #2444

You can now clone panels in Dashboards tab. This feature will help users to start from existing charts and customize on top of them. Here’s a quick video showing how to do it in our dashboards.

Ability to download logs data and share

Related PR - #2841

We have provided the option to download log data in Excel and csv format. You can apply specific filters and download log data to share with your team or clients.

Download logs option
Download logs data in Excel and csv format for any set of specified filters and date range

Shareable URLs in Query Builder

Related PR - #2778

While building customized charts using query builder, you can now share your work in progress with your teammates for them to have a look. Here’s a quick video showcasing how to use this feature:

Allow parsing at query time for logs

We are working on making it easier for our users to parse logs. Log parsing is an important step in log management and helps users organize their logs at scale.

If the log lines have json as attributes, can we allow users to only query based on a key in the json - even when it was not separated into different attributes during ingestion? If you have more ideas on this, feel free to comment on this GitHub Issue

SigNoz News

Crossed 13,000+ stars on GitHub

We recently crossed 13,000+ stars on GitHub. We keep getting amazed by the love of the dev community for our open-source project. We are very grateful for it and will continue on our mission to democratize observability for engineering teams of all sizes.

SigNoz crossed 13,000+ stars on GitHub
We crossed 13,000+ stars on GitHub!

SigNoz at KCD Bengaluru

We presented at Kubernetes Community Days held in Bengaluru. Pranay talked about the automatic collection of traces, metrics, and logs from applications deployed on Kubernetes using OpenTelemetry and SigNoz.

SigNoz at KCD Bengaluru
SigNoz at KCD Bengaluru

Participated in Open Source Maintainers Meetup by GitHub

We got invited by GitHub India to participate in Open Source Maintainers meetup. One of the key topics of discussion in the meetup was how to get more contributors for your open-source project.

Panel Members
Participated in Open Source Maintainers Meetup by GitHub

We’re Hiring!

We’re hiring the next set of rockstars to take SigNoz to the next level. You can look at open roles here

If you know someone in your network who you think will be a good fit for SigNoz, please refer them.

User Shoutouts

Posts like these motivate us to keep going! 🤗

User appreciating SigNoz
SigNoz being appreciated by community member!

OpenTelemetry End-User Group Discussion

The team at SigNoz facilitates the monthly OpenTelemetry End-user group discussions for the APAC region. The OTel end-user group discussion is a place where you can discuss challenges related to OpenTelemetry implementations and learn from other OpenTelemetry users in a vendor-neutral space.

In our May session, we discussed updates on the OpenTelemetry roadmap and focus areas from Kubecon AMS. We also discussed log ingestion using OTel, tagging spec, and oTel Go SDK, among other topics. You can find the notes from the discussion here

If you wish to participate in the next APAC end-user session, please register here

Contributor Highlight

Every month, contributors from our community help make SigNoz better. We want to thank the following contributors who made contributions to SigNoz last month 🤗

Germa Vinsmoke
Germa Vinsmoke
Sanjib Kumar Sah
Sanjib Kumar Sah

Saurav Khdoolia
Saurav Khdoolia

Yevhen Shevchenko
Yevhen Shevchenko
Bruno Cassol
Bruno Cassol

Vinyas Malagaudanavar
Vinyas Malagaudanavar
Akshay Bharadva
Akshay Bharadva

From the blog

OpenTelemetry Collector is a stand-alone service provided by OpenTelemetry. It can be used as a telemetry-processing system with a lot of flexible configurations to collect and manage telemetry data.

SigNoz uses an OpenTelemetry Collector to collect and process telemetry data before writing it to ClickHouse. Learn more about OpenTelemetry Collector and its capabilities.

OpenTelemetry Collector - architecture and configuration guide

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