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Site Reliability Engineer (Remote)

Looking for a DevOps/ SRE engineer to join our team at SigNoz. You will be part of the first few hires in our team and will have the opportunity to own a significant part of the product.

This is an opportunity to work on core developer infra open source product - and would love to chat with folks who are excited by this

Why us?

  • Opportunity to work in a global dev infra product from India.
  • Manage TBs of data per day
  • Work on an open source product (15K+ github stars). Engage with the community. Evangelise the product. Build your GitHub profile
  • Work with high volumes of data and real-time applications. There are some real perf challenges in doing this well you would love to solve.
  • Founding team from IITs who are/have been devs themselves
  • Work on a tool which is used extensively by SRE teams - after all we are an observability product 😄

Skills we are looking for

  • Working in a small team and owning uptime of SaaS
  • Have run Kubernetes in production for 300+ vCPUs
  • Building AWS, GCP, Azure, etc. deployment automation for delivering SigNoz to our customers
  • Knowledge of helm, terraform, argoCD, clickhouse, kafka
  • Have experience maintaining 99.9999+% SLAs
  • Building resilient systems that can handle 10x bursts of traffic
  • Cloud infrastructure automation using Kubernetes
  • Have been on-call for incident resolution
  • Troubleshooting networking, computing, storage and Kubernetes failures. Running statefulsets in kubernetes
  • Hardening security all around
  • Strong experience in Linux systems administration, networks, performance troubleshooting
  • Infrastructure and application security engineering experience is a plus.

Next steps

Seems like something right up your alley?

Just apply on this site or email your CV and an optional intro note to me at [ankit at signoz dot io]. Feel free to include links to your GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter, or blog posts.

Our process involves a short initial exploratory chat, followed by three interviews/discussions. The aim is for both sides to learn more about each other.