Instrumentation - FAQs

For instrumentation instructions, follow our docs here.

What are all the ports that will be used by a running instance of SigNoz and its associated dependencies so that I can check with my application ports to avoid conflicts.

Ensure that the ports 8080, 33014317and 4318are open on the machine where you install SigNoz.

Do I still use OpenTelemetry SDKs to instrument ourselves and just use SigNoz as an analysis backend? Do I have to use SigNoz for instrumentation too?

You have to instrument your application using OpenTelemetry SDKs.

Link for Instrumentation using SigNoz -

Once your application is instrumented, you can point your OpenTelemetry exporter to send data to SigNoz installation. By defualt, SigNoz listens on port 4317 and 4318 for incoming telemetry data.

Which all languages/tech stack is currently supported with SigNoz for instrumentation?

Python, JavaScript, Java, .NET, Ruby, Rust, Go, Elixir/Erlang, PHP.

Find the documentation for them here -

Can I use auto instrumentation for my application(s)?

OpenTelemetry and thus SigNoz, currently supports JavaScript, Java, Ruby, .NET, and Python modules for auto instrumentation.

Refer here:

If your module is auto-instrumentation is supported, you don't need code level changes but just need to add some more libraries in your application.

I am confused about <IP of SigNoz> can you provide some examples?

IP of SigNoz means the host IP OR the IP of the instance where you have installed SigNoz, it could be either your local machine, the cloud providers, or VMs.

  • IP is localhost or - If it's installed on your local machine
  • IP is xxx.xx.xx.xx, where x is the public IP address of your AWS, Azure, GCP, or other cloud providers.
  • IP is if SigNoz is hosted on your custom domain.

So, to summarize, the OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_ENDPOINT would look something like this.





You can also refer to this grid for help.

Does SigNoz have some agents for other servers from where I might want to collect data?

You need to use OpenTelemetry Collector in your application servers to send host metrics data to SigNoz.

Refer here: