Enable SMTP for User Invitations

Configuring Query Service

The following environment variables need to be set for query-service to send email for user invitations in SigNoz.

  • SMTP_ENABLED: Enable SMTP for sending email invitations.
  • SMTP_FROM: The email address from which the invitations will be sent.
  • SMTP_HOST: The SMTP host obtained from your email provider.
  • SMTP_PORT: The SMTP port obtained from your email provider.
  • SMTP_USERNAME: The SMTP user obtained from your email provider.
  • SMTP_PASSWORD: The SMTP password obtained from your email provider.
✅ Info

This section is only required for Self-Hosted users. Cloud users don't need to follow this step.


Based on your Docker installation, you can include the following section in your Docker Compose YAML file to configure query-service.

  • Docker Standalone: deploy/docker/clickhouse-setup/docker-compose.yaml
  • Docker Swarm: deploy/docker-swarm/clickhouse-setup/docker-compose.yaml
      - SMTP_ENABLED=true
      - SMTP_FROM=<email address>
      - SMTP_HOST=<smtp host>
      - SMTP_PORT=<smtp port>
      - SMTP_USERNAME=<smtp user>
      - SMTP_PASSWORD=<smtp password>


You can include the following section in your Helm override values YAML file.

    SMTP_ENABLED: true
    SMTP_FROM: <email address>
    SMTP_HOST: <smtp host>
    SMTP_PORT: <smtp port>
    SMTP_AUTH_USERNAME: <smtp user>
    SMTP_AUTH_PASSWORD: <smtp password>

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