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What is SigNoz?

Pronounced as sig.noz

Trained in EECS, we are obsessed with the idea of signal vs noise. How do devops engineers find signals which they can act on from the various sources of noise they encounter from their observability systems?

This is one idea we obsess over and seems important enough to continually strive towards. And, hence the name Sig.Noz ( Signal vs Noise) 🤓


We always kept asking ourselves why there is no OSS system which just works end to end and has great visualization like what SaaS products provide? SigNoz is our attempt to solve that problem.

At present, there is a false dichotomy between open source & SaaS. SaaS products are pricey and do many things auto-magically. Open source gives you a lot of control but you need employee time to set things up and maintain them, which is a cost in itself. Also, it hardly makes sense for a business to invest in non-core things. OSS users on the other hand, often miss great UX and visualization.

We want to obliterate this huge gap between SaaS & open-source.

This has started happening now with the coming of OpenTelemetry. Instrumentation layer is commoditised now. Products should work seamlessly with current OSS frameworks. Pricing should be simple.

Developer Focus

As developers, we often get frustrated by using SaaS products which lack one small feature which we wanted and made our life a lot tougher - just for a small piece of code which we could have as well added ourselves. And then we have to wait for that feature to get prioritised.

With OSS products, if you find that the product doesn’t have any specific feature, you can very easily add it yourself - and potentially upstream it, potentially helping others in the community