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Transparent & Predictable Pricing

Tired of unpredictable pricing and complex billing structure? Save up to 90% on your Datadog bill with SigNoz.


For teams that need high-performing applications.

starts at just$199/month


Logs$0.3 per GB ingested
Traces$0.3 per GB ingested
Metrics$0.1 per mn samples

$199 includes usage. Monthly cost would be higher of $199 and cost based on usage

Retention: 15 days for Traces & Logs, 30 days for Metrics

Deployment Options



Community Slack
Dedicated Slack ChannelOn spends above $999


  • APM & Distributed Tracing
  • Log Management
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Exceptions Monitoring
  • Alerts Management
  • SSO and SAML Support
  • Service Dependency Visualization
  • Run aggregates on ingested spans
  • Live Tail Logging
  • Unlimited Logs & Traces based Dashboards


  • AWS Cloudwatch Integration


For at-scale orgs with advanced security, compliance and support needs.

Flexible Pricing for scale


Custom Pricing
Custom Retention

Deployment Options

Managed by SigNoz in your cloud


Dedicated Slack Channel
Team Training
Dashboard Configuration Support
Instrumentation Support
SLA w/ downtime developer pairing


Includes all features in Team

  • Custom integration for metrics and logs
  • AWS Private Link
  • VPC Peering
  • Security tightening for on-prem installation
  • Monitor Health of SigNoz
  • Query API Keys (access data from anywhere)


  • Finer RBAC with custom roles
  • Audit Logs
  • Custom retention for different sources of logs
  • Multi-tenancy

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SigNoz provides up to 9x more value for money than Datadog.
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Worried about Data
Protection laws?

No need to send data outside your region. We have data centers in US, EU and India to comply with data privacy regulations. You can also host SigNoz in your own cloud.

Have more specific questions about SigNoz?

Every engineering team is different - we’re here to help.

Community Edition

Open source version of SigNoz to get started with observability.

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What is the difference between SigNoz cloud(Teams) and community edition?
How are number of samples calculated for metrics pricing?
Do you offer enterprise support plans?
Who should use Enterprise plans?

We use SigNoz to trace requests step by step, and that kind of stuff is invaluable. Before SigNoz, we tried Jaeger to try and trace through the code. We ran Jaeger with Elasticsearch, but ran into all sorts of issues.

- Nate Bohman
Senior DevOps Engineer

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