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Five Days of SigNoz & OpenTelemetry - SigNoz Launch Week 1.0 🚀

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Pranay Prateek
Maintainer, SigNoz

Since our inception, we have been amazed by the support of the developer community for our mission of open-source observability. We are continuously striving towards building the best open-source observability tool out there, which solves the pain of developers and helps them build better applications.

Our mission statement reads:

“Democratize open-source observability for engineering teams of all sizes.”

And it’s fun building towards that vision.

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Ours is a small team of passionate developers and builders who love building and shipping. And we ship fast! During our time at YCombinator, shipping fast was embedded in our DNA early on. As the saying goes around in YC:

"If You're Not Embarrassed By The First Version Of Your Product, You’ve Launched Too Late."

In keeping with this philosophy, we ship a new release of SigNoz every alternate week, and we do this by working closely with our users & customers.

We’re blessed to have an active and vibrant community of about 4,000 developers, 16,000+ GitHub stars, and 9.5 Mn+ Docker downloads.

As an open-source dev tool, we love building in public, and we have been thinking lately about how we can build more closely with our users and engage with our community.

We’re excited to announce our very first Launch Week starting on 26th February, 2024.

The idea is very simple - we will announce one feature every day of the week.

What to expect?

Features that will take observability experience in SigNoz to the next level! 🚀🚀

And, of course, where there is SigNoz, there is OpenTelemetry. We will share lots of insights, best practices, and tidbits about OpenTelemetry.

We don’t want to spoil the fun, so stay tuned for more info. And expect a fun week of hacking! 👩🏻‍💻

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