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8 min read
Utkarsh Chourasia

One of the easiest ways to see if the application running in our nodes is in an optimized state or not is by monitoring them. It is the last yet critical stage of any software development lifecycle. It opens up many possible improvements in your application, networking, IT automation, and other miscellaneous configurations. As we move towards microservice architecture, containerization and orchestration tools are rising.

8 min read
Favour Daniel

Logs are useful for troubleshooting and identifying issues in applications, as they provide a record of events and activities. However, managing log data can be challenging due to the large volume of log events generated by modern applications, as well as the need to balance the level of detail in the logs and the impact on the application's performance.

10 min read
Muskan Paliwal

Modern-day software systems emit millions of log lines per minute. Cloud computing and containerization have made it easy to have distributed systems. Distributed systems emit logs from multiple sources. While developers have always used logs to debug stand-alone applications, centralized logging solves the challenges of modern-day distributed software systems.

6 min read
Ankit Anand

Jaeger and OpenTracing are both open-source projects. Jaeger was originally built by teams at Uber and then open-sourced. The OpenTracing project was also started by teams at Uber, and hence they are compatible with each other. While Jaeger is an end-to-end distributed tracing tool, OpenTracing is a set of APIs and libraries that can be used to instrument your application.

8 min read
Ankit Anand

鈥淭here is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.鈥
- Paulo Coelho

Welcome to the last monthly product newsletter from the year 2022. The month of December ended on a high note for the team at SigNoz. An amazing team workation in Goa was all we could ask for to end the year in which we shipped consistently and made SigNoz better with constant user inputs.

13 min read
Vaishnavi Abirami

Microservices logging is the practice of tracking and recording the activities of specific services in a distributed microservices architecture. Logging is an important aspect of any software system, and it is more critical for a microservices architecture as there are many small, independent services interacting with each other.

7 min read
Ankit Anand

Jaeger is a popular open-source tool used for distributed tracing in a microservice architecture. In a microservice architecture, a user request or transaction can travel across hundreds of services before serving what a user wants. Distributed tracing helps to track the performance of a transaction across multiple services.