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· 8 min read
Ankit Anand

Cloud computing and containerization have brought many benefits to IT systems, like speed to market and on-demand scaling. But it has also increased operational complexity. Applications built on dynamic and distributed infrastructure are challenging to operate and maintain. A robust observability framework can help application owners stay on top of their software systems.

· 9 min read

Distributed tracing helps you track requests across services and understand issues affecting your application performance. In distributed cloud architecture, debugging performance issues is complicated. Distributed tracing gives visibility to teams on how a user request performs across different services, protocols, and cloud infrastructure.

· 5 min read
Ankit Anand

OpenTelemetry is an open-source project under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation(CNCF) that aims to standardize the generation and collection of telemetry data. The telemetry data helps developer, DevOps and IT teams to keep a check on their application health.

The telemetry data collected by OpenTelemetry consist of logs, metrics, and traces. Together, they are used for performance monitoring and observability in distributed systems.

· 42 min read
Priyansh Khodiyar
Pranay, one of the the co-founders at SigNoz , was recently invited as a guest speaker by Jonah Kowall, CTO at on his OpenObservability Podcast.

In the podcast, Pranay talks about the mission behind SigNoz - unifying traces, metrics, and logs in a single platform and interface. He also shared anecdotes about the evolution of SigNoz since its inception, the community adoption, and its contribution to SigNoz.

Pranay shared insights around simplifying product decisions for an open-source project, why SigNoz moved from Druid to ClickHouse, and what the upcoming roadmap of SigNoz looks like.

Below is the recording and an edited transcript of the conversation.